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What is GitHub?

GitHub a popular service for hosting and managing collaborative (software mainly) projects on the web.

What do we use it for?

OP individuals use GitHub for a variety of purposes, from sharing small scripts or tutorials (e.g. with Gist, to contributing to larger projects, as well as for maintaining this web site)


Some collaborative projects of OP, scientific, technical or educational, are listed below. If you want to know more on the activities of individuals OP members, please refer to the About page.

  • OpenPlanetary Website:
    This website and blog
  • IAS 2016: ias2016
    IAS Short Course on Planetary Remote Sensing for Sedimentary Geology
  • "Where On Mars?": whereonmars
    Interactive map of the ESA's ExoMars Rover candidate landing sites

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A good starting point is the GitHub Help


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